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Random Ramblings

- Last night my hubby came home from DC and he was hauling dinner with him. We had a great big Boca de Beppo (or whatever that restaraunt is called) meal. YUMMY!

- He also brought home an emerald broach from the Smithsonian which made me smile.

- He ALSO brought home things from the Smithsonian for the boys. Two lollipops called 'Amber pops', which were amber colored and each contained a worm, a cricket and a fern. You ate the whole thing! Well, the boys did. I try to limit the amount of bugs in my diet :) Matthew was a bit hesitant when he got halfway through the worm and started staring at it, but Michael plowed right through. It was odd to tell them 'Don't eat bugs. Unless mommy and daddy give them to you and tell you to eat them!'

- I have an appointment to see if we can have my back procedures repeated. YAY.

- It's not until June 13th. BOO.

- Scott is spending the day with the boys. They are so loving this. I hope it doesn't rain so they can actually go out and do things.

- Yesterday's storm took me by surprise. You'd think as 'connected' as I am I would bother to look at the weather regularly. NO! We still had the three tents out in the backyard. The high winds collapsed the plastic pole mosquito net one over the picnic table, and even walked the steel one a few inches across the patio and flipped up the canvas top. The steel poled canvas tent held up surprisingly well. After it stopped raining I went out and broke down the two non-permanent tents and put them in the garage to dry. No harm, no foul.

- I think Matthew and I are coming down with a virus. Pray it doesn't happen!!!

- The long weekend is almost here and I'm one week nearer to my trip to Huntsville.