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Blah, blah, blah

I got spoiled having a solid week of Scott being home. Today, we went back to the norm. He left for the week for business.

My mother came over this morning to tell me she is sick, so I might not get her help this week. The boys are out of school this week for the start of summer, and with Scott out of town I was really counting on her help. You can't help when you are sick, though. She did sheepishly tell me to go look at her car (my old car). Seems she was backing out of her parking space and turned too much. She took out a pole and ripped her front bumper pretty close to off. It'll probably cost her several hundred dollars to get it fixed, which she doesn't have. One day she'll have to bite the bullet and get a new car, but I don't know how she'll manage that.

Today I managed to juggle work and the boys. During lunch, we went to the store and I bought a new Land Before Time video. I set them up in Scott's home theater to watch that while I worked. At the end of my work day, I went out into the backyard with them. I wasn't much of a mother today. Because my back is so bad after this weekend, when I overtaxed it, I've been on pain killers for a couple of days. While it makes the pain bearable, it makes me almost unbearable. I'm snappy and yell more than necessary. I hate being like that around the kids, and try to tone it down, but sometimes it can't be helped.

Is it wrong to be annoyed by your own children? I thought we might have missed it, but Michael has now entered the 'Why' stage. He can ask you why to every single thing you ask. "What is this book made out of?" Paper "Why is it made out of paper?" Because that's what the publisher chose to do "Why did the publisher choose paper?" I don't know "Why don't you know?" Because I don't know everything "Why don't you know everything?" ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Stop asking why! "Why do I need to stop asking why?" ARGH :)

I spent the evening peeling the last of the crawfish and putting everything out in our BRAND NEW DEEP FREEZE (said just like 'A BRAND NEW CAR' by some game show announcer). It really cleared out our freezer in the house. After a quick bath for the kids and several stories, they have quieted down and stopped asking for water, hugs, kisses, more snuggles, more stories, more water, the bathroom, a different toy, and any other request they can use to delay sleep.

I thought I might work on jewelry tonight, or at least take a picture of my first attempt at wire wrapping and my first bead spider, but I'm lazy. I'm going to lay here on the couch, spaced out, with a heating pad on my back. Maybe watch a few shows on the TIVO. Showdog Moms and Dads finale, anyone? :)
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