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Picture heavy post

I've warned you. Picture heavy :)

I'm writing this post watching the DirectTV Freeview They Might Be Giants special. YAY! It absolutely rocks and I am keeping it forever. *laugh* My boys are on either side of me curled up and have both fallen asleep. I'm stuck now, so I might as well post.

Yesterday was the big crawfish boil. We waiting a month and a half later than when we usually throw it the first weekend in April. MISTAKE! It has been so beautiful and it chose yesterday to suddenly hit like 100 degrees. Thankfully, we had invested in several tents. As a sampling, here is a blurry picture of Chad and others in our kitchen, some of the attendees, and one of MANY piles of crawfish and fixin's.

I have spent a good bit of time on my backyard, partly for the party and partly because I really enjoy it (when it isn't so hot). Here is some of the work - my honeysuckle bush with wildflowers growing around it (the yellow flowers), the start of my morning glories, my catmint, and the middle of the garden with lots of different plants/flowers.

Our major purchase this week that we have REALLY needed was some sort of cover on our back patio. I might have mentioned in the past that we have NO SHADE. No trees, no nothing. There isn't even an overhang outside the back door. So, Scott and I bought a great steel gazebo with a cover and mosquito netting. We pull a fan out there and sit in the shade with no bugs. This RULES. I guess you have to live in Texas to realize just how great shade is. :) The other tent is the only shade we had available before this purchase, but you can see it is a temporary structure that would blow away in a strong wind.

Finally - today I broke away while Scott stayed home with the kids to do something related to my jewelry business. Yeah, it was work. Gosh, I had to crack a whip to make myself go. (*smile* Are you buying that? Me neither.) I went to my first bead show, which was in Grapevine, TX. I went from room to room in the convention center looking at some amazing beads. I got to watch a guy making lampwork beads, a PMC jewelry making demonstration, someone working on wrapped cabs, and other demonstrations. I picked up some great-priced dyed freshwater pearls, lots of findings I needed, great lampwork beads (dogs, cats, fish, flowers), some bracelet and pin bases, some tools for wirework, and some Austrian crystal. The one thing I ALMOST got, but couldn't bring myself to do it, was two amazing strands of black circles with the Star Wars logo in gold. I loved them, but couldn't think of a practical application for them in my business. Now I regret not just getting them. I REALLY can't wait to get into some of my new beads, and make the bead spiders that I got patterns for. Here is a picture of the whole score (minus tools) and a closeup of the pearls.

That was my weekend - how was yours? :) I bet you got more rest.

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