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To water, simply stand OVER the plants...

Ok, it is DAMN HOT today. And it's supposed to be worse tomorrow. I guess that summer has finally hit Dallas. We got a reprieve and it hasn't been that hot yet this year. That's a thing of the past now.

We're trying to get prepared for the crawfish boil tomorrow. Our kitchen counters are lined with shopping bags, and we haven't even gotten the FOOD yet. I'm getting so excited.

Excited enough to fry my skin to a crisp early in the day :)

We always store leftovers from the boil so that Scott can use them for meals throughout the year. He also has a fishing trip he takes where 'the boys' go out on a barge in the middle of the Gulf Coast and do nothing but fish for a week. He always brings home lots of lovely redfish, trout, and other fish. We took one look in our packed freezer today (we just have a regular side-by-side) and realized there was NO WAY we could put anything else in there. We already have to limit our frozen goods to just a couple of meals because we have no space around Tasso ham, Sausages, crawfish, shrimp, and other goodies. Well, we did it. Today, we went out and bought a small 7.0 cubic foot deep freezer for out in the garage. We did lots of measuring and it barely fits between the front of our cars. One of us will hit it, I just know it, but for now, I can reclaim my freezer.

While we were there, I fell absolutely in LOVE with a steel gazebo with netting all around and a solid canvas cover. We have NO TREES and no kind of shade in our backyard. We have a cheap 12'X12' shade we can put up, but it's on flimsy poles that you have to stake into the ground. It gets REALLY windy here so we can't leave it out. This new one is only 8'X8', so not even big enough to cover our table outside, but it DOES cover most of our patio. We put it out there with a small drinks table and four chairs. It has hooks inside to hang plants and is just awesome. We were out there earlier with a box fan blowing and nice cool drinks. AAAAHHHHHHHH!

But now it is back to work. Scott has run off to charge up the propane tanks since he'll be cooking ALL DAY tomorrow from 2 until ... whenever he gets done. He's going to also get a cheap umbrella to cover his cooking area. They should arrive around noon or 1 tomorrow with the bounce house, and we have it until 10 or 11 tomorrow night. Bill and Kim are brining about 20 plastic chairs, so we should be set there.

This thing is always so much work, and ends up costing us damn near $1000 each time. We work our asses off the day before AND the day of. After cooking and partying for 8+ hours, you still have to pick everything up in the middle of the night after everyone leaves. There's even more cleanup the next day. You know what, though? EVERY year we swear it was too much and we're never going to do it again, but we end up looking forward to it and planning it.

I'll take plenty of pics tomorrow, as I'm sure genebob will, and will post them Sunday or Monday.
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