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Pomp and Circumstance

And so it begins. Today I started back with my classes. I took
a short break (5 weeks) because I realized I had been going for
over two years without a break of more than one week. With the
other things in my life I had gotten overwhelmed and need to
decompress. It helped quite a bit.

I've realized today that I am almost compulsive when in my
'SuperWoman' phase. I have three assignments, one due on Saturday
and two on Sunday. I did them all today because I was damn glad
just to be back in school. It's a sickness. It must be.

I only have 8 more classes to go before I'm done, and I can walk
after only 5 of those. I can't believe I actually went back to
school on a lark, have enjoyed it (no matter how much I've bitched
about it), and that it's almost over. My kids will be able to
see that with hard work and determination, you can do whatever
you want. It doesn't need to be handed to you. That's probably
the main reason I went back in the first place - the kids.

Tomorrow, we have to go over to my mom's to set up a futon she
bought at a garage sale last week. That means I get to bring her
big, fluffy couch over and put it in the toy room
living room. See, we have a 'formal living room' and formal dining
room when you first enter the house. Since there is a REAL
living room just a few steps away, we've put all of our furniture
in there. I had plans to put 'pretty' furniture in the formal
LR, but never got around to it. There is only a nice teak bench
Scott bought me and we refinished, an upright AfterBurner game,
a bookcase for the kids, and a BUNCH of toys. The bench looks
nice, but isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. When I
have mom's old couch in there, I can actually sit in comfort,
maybe read a book and watch the kids play. YAY!
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