trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

On a roll

Someone stop me! I've become a cleaning maniac.

Two nights ago, I had washed all of the clothes in the house, so I told my husband he had to go through all of his clothes, put up the clean ones and hang up what needed to be hung up. We took it a step farther and ended up with about 20 bags for Goodwill - his clothes, my clothes, the kids' old clothes from the past four years, various computer equipment, etc. We took them by the next day. We also found lots of things to get rid of. Stuff that no longer worked, empty boxes, things with holes in them, so we loaded up the car for an early morning dump run.

Today, we took everything to the dump. Then we went to Wal-Mart to get storage stuff and other random things we needed. I cleaned out our entire laundry room, cleaned the shelves off, organized everything by 'type' (cleaning products, laundry products, my gardening equipment, paint and other household fix-it stuff, etc.). I even cleaned behind the washer and dryer.

Was that enough for me? NO! I needed to burn like 3000 calories and sweat like a maniac! I did some organizing in the kids' room and sorted their art bins and bookshelves. Then I tackled the closet from hell. We have this REALLY COOL closet under our stairs. Our stairs are a switch-back, so that leaves this big area under them. The closet is about nine FEET deep, three feet wide at the entrance and five feet wide at the back. It forms an L under the stairs. The thing was PACKED all the way to the door, all the way to the ceiling. I am not exaggerating in the least. It really was! Today, I completely cleared out that closet and vacuumed it. I feel so accomplished.

I made no less than 20 trips up to the attic, so that's 40 trips up and down the stairs and up and down the attic stairs. I filled the garage up for another trip to the dump, which I hope to do in the morning. I put all of the big 'outside' toys like bikes, scooters and large trucks into the closet to get them out of the dining room.

I can actually get to my exercise equipment! I have showered TWICE today and am sweaty yet again from my cleaning frenzy. Scott says we should have our crawfish boil more than once a year because it's the only time we get this intense on cleaning out and organizing the house.
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