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YAY! I have money for my trip to Huntsville. I did a custom set for a friend - jade and 14K gold, with a nice gold Thai Buddha pendant, matching bracelet and earrings. It turned out really nice. Well, today she paid me and picked it up.

We also went to the neurologist with Matthew this morning, but it didn't really do much for us. He observed him for a while, asked him lots of questions, and agreed that we should pursue testing with the school district. That is scheduled for the 31st. Matthew is such a bright kid, and with all of the medical stuff he's been through, I do coddle him a little. It's just become more obvious the older he gets, and the harder it is to get him potty trained at this late age, that perhaps he has some barrier to learning. We're pulling for ADHD or something of the like that we can tackle and that maybe medication will help with his focus. The doctor said the school district does provide pre-school for kids who need additional help or could benefit from teachers who are better versed in dealing with issues like that. Lord knows our tax dollars already pay for it. Wouldn't that be nice? To not only get help for Matthew to get him on the right track, but also to only have to pay half as much for pre-school next year? *laugh* Am I evil for saying that? I'm just really glad they don't think it is anything neurological or too severe. Whew. I like good news when it comes to my Matty-boy. :)

To counter that, Michael has just been a peach lately. He lost video games for a month (strike three) after getting too involved to stop and go to the bathroom. Since then, he's been consistent with no accidents, and is even starting to be dry at night.

I found out my good friend and next-door neighbor is moving. It's only a half hour away, but it's sad to not have a good friend next door. Maybe it will be an opportunity to meet even more good people and make more friends! (Trying to find the positive here!) Either way, I'll miss having them around all of the time.

It's also getting towards time for more back 'adjustments' (nerve burning and epidurals). I got a good run out of the last ones, which I think were around August/September of last year. They said they might last anywhere from 3-18 months, most people on the lower end. Thankfully, that would mean I had gotten around 10 months, so not too shabby. The back is starting to act up with more and more frequency, so despite the fact that I don't let it interfere with my life, I do spend ANY time I have with ice or heat on my back and on pain killers. To nip that in the bud, it's time to call the doc again for the procedures so I can maybe have another 6-10 months without having to rely on medication. Party party!

On a brighter note:

I'm getting ramped up for a BIG day tomorrow. The boys have a birthday party for a friend tomorrow at 11:30. Then we're heading over to Taste of Addison to spend the day. We want to at LEAST see Vertical Horizon at 7:30 (which is usually the boys' bedtime) and we'll gauge how well they are doing on whether we stay for Smashmouth at 9:30. Whenever we get home, I'm supposed to go back over to Kim's (it's her son that is turning four and has the party tomorrow morning) because her daughter is also having her sweet 16 party. BOYS and girls. The boys have to leave at 10:30, and the girls are sleeping over. Her daughter has been...trouble. Sneaking out, having boys in, all manner of things. It's been really hard on her mom and step-dad. So, Kim wanted Colleen, Angela and I to come spend the night with HER and help be chaperones. We'll help keep the kids in the house and legal all night. :) And we'll probably drink and have a great girly time as well.

I'm so glad it's Friday. Where does the time go, though? It seems like everything is coming up at once. Annual crawfish boil next Saturday, and only two more weeks past that for Huntsville. Time sure flies when you live life to the fullest!
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