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By George, I think she's got it!

When we found out we were pregnant with the boys, Scott's office was downstairs next to our bedroom. That fifth bedroom had been converted into a study, with double doors. Since we wanted the nursery to be downstairs with our room, we moved Scott upstairs into one of the bedrooms there as a 'temporary' measure.

Fast forward over four years.

Scott has been working from home a lot over those years, so his office has gotten quite stable. There are lots of cables, wiring, computer racks, a large desk, cooling units, etc. It would take weeks to even figure out how to move him back downstairs. That room was earmarked as the boys' bedroom upstairs because it was the biggest and had the larger walk-in closet with shelves.

I've done a lot of thinking because I believe it is time to move them upstairs out of this tiny study. They need more room and I need room for a dresser to put their clothes in. I THINK I HAVE A SOLUTION!

Upstairs, there are three bedrooms. One is the large bedroom that Scott uses as an office. Out of the equation. There is the small room, same size as their current room because it is right over it. That's my office right now. I painted one wall pink to 'claim it' *laugh*. There is a mid-sized room which is our guest room, has a queen sized bed and is rarely used (nobody comes to visit us!).

Here's my brilliant plan. Give the boys the mid-sized room. It has a big closet with shelves, although not walk-in sized. Since it is currently the spare room, I can move everything into the middle, tarp it, and paint the room the way I want in preparation. Once I get it complete, I can paint the dresser. All of the other stuff can be moved out temporarily. I can pack up their room and move them in there. THEN, I move my office into the study downstairs and make my old office the spare room!

THERE! It's a workable plan for getting their new room painted without anyone being 'out' of a room while it's being done. It's no big deal for me to move my office downstairs. I'll lose my cool pink wall, but it will give me more of a chance to show off my Beatles collection!

I think I'm going to start work on this in a couple of weeks, after I return from Huntsville. I'm so excited! Now I've got to figure out how I want to paint their room. Hmmm. Any suggestions?
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