trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Ha! Anyone care for a velcro penis?

Ok, I have to laugh because a girl in one of my craft communities got reported to the LJ abuse police. She posted (behind a cut, mind you) a picture of a FELT vagina she crafted. *LAFF* Someone posted saying she found it offensive, so the girl immediately removed the post. She was STILL reported by the same person.

Just because I think this is so damn funny, here are some pictures she posted because the rest of us wanted to see it. These pictures are way more offensive than what she originally posted, and were taken to make a statement to the reporter :) ENJOY!


Other than that bright point, the day has been very non-eventful. The boys behaved at school. I got work done. My husband will actually be home tonight for a few hours. We ate Boston Market for dinner and it was YUMMY!

Two weeks until the crawfish boil. It'll be great. This year, I didn't want to spend my day being 'hostess', so a friend who has a catering company got us some help. Now there is someone else running around the party picking up trash, making sure everyone has fresh drinks, and helping Scott out with things. I get to actually drink and enjoy!

This weekend, we're planning on going to Taste of Addison. Anyone else going? (wickedsin? oddharmonic?) Not that it's THAT exciting, but Smashmouth and Vertical Horizon are supposed to play. It has Scott really excited :)

The weekend of the 28th is my baby-dolls' Christening and joint birthday party. Erick and Brian, the sons of MnM's ex-nanny have a special place in my heart, so we're spending the day doing all of these events. It ought to be interesting, especially as rusty as my rudimentary Spanish is. I know it will be like every other holiday we spend with them where my mother and I are the only gringos in the crowd. Bring it on!

THEN...Huntsvegas. Yee-haw. I really need to call Tina and find out whether we're still best friends *laugh* I expect much partying and merriment the four days I am in town. *hint hint*

*EDIT* Yep! Still friends :) Tina's out of work right now, and she finally got a restraining order in place against that crack-addict ex-boyfriend she was trying to get rid of last time I was there. So, we'll get to spend plenty of time together! YAY! And did I mention...YAY! (Why am I so excited to see her every time regardless of our past together? Is it because we're more like family than friends?)
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