trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The hair fix...

T&G has redeemed themselves. Somewhat. When I called to complain about my hair and the stylist who did it, they were able to get me with their 'educational coordinator' within an hour. This is the guy who makes sure that ALL of their stylists keep learning and he is their top stylist. He didn't have much hair to work with, because she had cut it so short, but he was able to 'soften' it up a bit so it didn't look all one length. It looked like a helmet placed over my head. I OBVIOUSLY didn't take any pictures of what it looked like before, but I did take some 'after' shots.

There isn't much hair, but here's the new Trish for as long as it takes to grow out:

And, just so this isn't a totally negative post, as many of mine the past few days have been, I thought I would throw in a picture of what we saw last week when we peeked in on the boys. Ah, twin love!

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