trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Just wanted to say for the record that I HATE MY FUCKING HAIR.

The woman I went to today cut it way too short, didn't listen to what I wanted (I even showed her a PICTURE of exactly what it looked like the day I got it cut last time), and I ended up with this little pixie bob that looks all the same length with points at either side. It's not face framing, it looks like she placed a damn box over my head.

When she was halfway through, I asked her if it would stay all one length, or if she was planning on framing my face at all because I prefer it that way. She said 'I could do that' and kept going. The only way to fix my hair is to go shorter, which I refuse to do. I guess I get to just look like a nut until it grows out.

I cut my own kids hair and it looks better than this. And this is supposed to be one of their 'top stylists'. I should have just waited for my regular person, but no - I let them do a switcheroo.

Look at my icon. See where the top of my iPod is? That's the length of my hair.
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