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Trying to get it back

Yesterday was a little weird.

I'm very glad I have a supportive husband (when he's here). He kept the boys out from just after five until around 8:00, at which point he dragged in two VERY tired little boys and put them to bed. I took a bath and had a drink, but still had quite a bit of funk left.

I had to approach today as 'get back your sanity'. Scott left VERY early, and won't be home until late Saturday. I got a ticket last week for an expired registration and inspection. Today I got my car inspected, new registration and went to court to get the ticket cleared up. Since it was more than 60 days on my inspection, it cost me a FORTUNE to get everything cleared up. However, I feel like I got something done today.

I worked the rest of the day and called my stylist to see if I could get my hair cut next week. She had an opening in like a HALF HOUR, so I took off and got my hair chopped again. Feeling spiffy with newly cropped locks, I sat both of the boys down and cut their hair. They really needed it! It was way over their ears. They look cute now though :)

I still don't feel very stable, but I think I'll be ok for another few days by myself.