trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

When did I become a charity case?

Today we had child slave labor a 7th grader come over for four hours for a community service project. It seems the McKinney Christian Academy had their big community service project this weekend, and for some reason the 7th and 8th grade classes decided to adopt our mothers of multiples club. One of the girls was sick, so only one came to our house. She was a really sweet girl and the boys LOVED her. They played for a while as I trimmed the shrubs in front of the house. Then we all went outside and washed both of the cars. She helped me wash the boys off after that and then played with them while I took a nice, long shower.

This was SUCH a big help. Scott had to leave for another business trip today (they are starting to dig into our weekends, having him come home on a Saturday and leave on Sunday, so it's pissing me off), so I never would have been able to get all of that done. Michael especially liked her, said he didn't want her to leave and even cried. Since we were not allowed to pay or tip them, I had the boys draw a picture thanking her and I gave her one of my bead rings.

It's so great to see schools instilling a sense of community responsibility in the students, and for them to see it isn't all 'work'. I really do think that what you give comes back to you eventually. If you have given to others, then when you are in need someone will be there for you. I hope that my boys become involved as they get older, and have the same willingness to participate, openness to talking with others, and the ability to just let go and PLAY with children. A. was a wonderful girl, and I wish her the best in the world.
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