trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Have a day.

I was up WAYYYYYY too early this morning. Scott was actually home for three days (THREE DAYS, I TELL YOU!!!) but had to leave this morning at 5:00 am. He won't be back until late Saturday or Sunday morning. Now do you see why he got to stay home a couple of days? They took his weekend.

At 6, I started getting ready to take Matthew down to Children's for his next impedence probe. He was a champ, and knows just how to do everything now. I think he must have cried for only a minute after having the tube put through his nose. They gave him pudding, and I gave him a new dinosaur, so everything is right in his world. Tomorrow we go get it back out, but it will probably be next week before Dr. R calls us to discuss the readings. During lunch, I saw it go down to 3.7 (anything below 4.0 means acid is actively coming up to where the probe is) so he's has at least one bout of reflux already.

My mother took Michael to school and even picked him up since it's on her way over here. I wish I had gotten to see this, but evidentally Michael has a new girlfriend. Her name is Ashley. In front of my mom and her mom, he kissed her and said he wanted to bring her home with him. HOW CUTE! Since this is a Thursday, she's in the same class with him as Riley, our next door neighbor. They always said Riley was the only girl they liked! I wonder if Ashley is the one Michael has gotten in trouble for throwing rocks at a couple of times?

Two more business days to the first of my big deadlines at work. On Tuesday, I should be able to take a day to unwind and then jump right in to our next deadline, which comes in June. I have to keep the stress just right under overflowing or I can't function, I tell you! At what point does the heart just.... *POP*? :)

I love it and you know it.
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