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Updates on various things

The bunny saga:

We went next door last night to see how the bunny babies were doing. Colleen says the mother has been coming back every day or two to feed them, and there was a LOT more fur around the nest. Colleen puts a piece of floss across the top to know when the momma has been back. We took the kids out and the babies are getting a little bigger. Their eyes are open now, they have fur coming in nicely and white stripes on their head. The five we originally saw are all still there.

The Matthew saga:

On Thursday of last week, the school director took me aside and questioned whether Matthew even realizes when he needs to go to the bathroom. They think he doesn't feel it coming and maybe doesn't even feel when it's happening. I'm not so sure I agree, because I have a feeling this will turn out to be a control issue. Either way, since he has so many other medical issues, I agreed to work to rule out medical reasons for him still not being trained. On Friday, we went to Matthew's peds doc to discuss it. Since he is supposed to be evaluated by the Frisco School District for developmental issues, she didn't want to duplicate by sending him to a developmental peds doc. Instead, she gave a recommendation to a peds neurologist. We have an appointment on May 13. They will be checking some of the things like whether he is really processing what we say, if there are nerve issues keeping him from feeling his urges, things like that. I don't know what they will test for, but we'll roll with it.

The school saga:

I got REALLY good news today. I had 12 outstanding credits left that I needed to clear up to at most 9 outstanding to graduate this summer. That meant many CLEP exams to finish. Either 2 subject exams and one major area of study exam, or four subject exams. I talked to the national office of the school today to have them review my transfer credits from Auburn. Something has always seemed a bit off and I had several classes that were 'excess credits. not applied'. I got them to move one course they just didn't understand and had placed in electives, over to social sciences and apply one of those 'excess credit' courses back in the electives. BAM! Three less credit hours I have to take.

They also gave me even BETTER news. I have done some good studying for the Intro to Sociology CLEP exam, and am close to ready to take it. I wasn't looking forward to studying for the Psychology CLEP, and even less so for a 6 hour total subject area test. These tests are so very comprehensive that you have to study everything about a subject on the off chance you will be asked a question in that area. The girl I was talking to asked if I had looked at the Dantes tests. I had never heard of them. She says they are just like the CLEP exams, but more targeted subjects. She told me about two that fall into the areas I need credit, which would cover my other 6 needed credits. 'Here's to your health' which covers health topics, which are pretty standard to all of us. Things like cholesterol, diabetes, exercise, eating right, sex education, etc. The other was 'Drug and Alcohol Addiction', covering different drug categories, how they make people act and feel, the problems with addiction, things like that. Hello? Is alcohol a depressant or a stimulant? Let me think about that for a while... I'm all about these tests. Even though I will have to study, they are things that I don't MIND studying. I'm actually excited about finishing now.

The jewelry saga:

No motivation. None.
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