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Happy Mother's Day!

I actually got to sleep almost 14 hours last night. I haven't
slept that long without having anesthesia since the kids arrived :)
I feel refreshed today. I do, however, have parts of my body that
are seriously achy. I started back to physical therapy yesterday.
Being Saturday, my therapist wasn't in. I had to work with another
torturer therapist for the day. Instead of taking
it easy since I had been off a week, she had me do all of my
regular exercises PLUS two new ones.

The odd thing about her was that she strongly resembled Nashville
girl of Wes' dreams. A bit taller, and the face was a bit fuller,
but the resemblance was uncanny. Almost disturbing since she of
Wes' affections was so nice and she of the bull whip not so nice.

Michael and Matthew have gone out with the dad to get last minute
Mother's day stuff. Scott gets quite angry when I say that he waits
to the last minute to figure out what to get me :) It has nothing
to do with whether he has a job or money, or what kind of gift
he gets. It is a planning thing, and he's ALWAYS been like that.
I teased him about it this year several times but he didn't see
the humor *laugh* It really was meant in humor, and I think if
he weren't depressed he would see the humor in it. It's a character
flaw, and part of what I love about him.

I can't wait to see what they got me! They are cooking gumbo for
dinner in my honor.
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