trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The Miracle of Birth

My next door neighbor just called for me to bring the boys over to see something in their backyard. Todd had gone out into the backyard to spray some weeds and saw a bunny run off under the fence. When he walked over to that area, he saw a baby bunny wiggling around. That's when they called us over. The four kids and the adults looked on, as one baby tried to find the nest, where there were at least two others. We took pictures and video, then walked around to the front of the house. We saw momma bunny in my front yard and she took off between the houses towards the back.

Of course, we followed.

That's when we found them. Evidentally, the momma had been in the MIDDLE of giving birth when Todd scared her off. There was another baby in the driveway, and one laying in the middle of the alley. We didn't see any others. I got a cloth from the house and tried to gently pick them up and put them with the nest. We'll see later if they are taken care of by the momma and do well.

So they can continue to breed and eat all of our plants. See, aren't we the best? :)

Anyway, here's a WMV file that is web friendly and one for those with really high bandwidth or lots of time on their hands

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