trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Some of life's best lessons are hard won

Matthew just learned an important life lesson.

I just posted that we baked chocolate chip cookies for their school party tomorrow. Mommy was VERY permissive and let them have two. You have to understand that I don't let them have a lot of candy. They are lucky to have a few pieces a week, if that, and they never get a lot at one time. When we get desert, we usually split one as a family.

Matthew, he of the great stomach/reflux problems, was playing quietly off to the side of the living room. Michael and I were watching Horrible Histories on VOOM! A little while later, I hear the following....

HILK! (Sound it out. You'll get it.)

Matthew had snuck off and ate FIVE additional cookies. SEVEN chocolate chip cookies.

He promptly threw up in the kitchen trash can (good place for it. Thank you, Matthew). He tells me his tummy hurts a lot now.

You're kidding? You shoved seven cookies in your trap in the space of 15 minutes and you're hurting?
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