trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

There goes THAT plan!

Ok, we ate so much bad for us food (fried seafood, sweets, drank LOTS) this weekend that I actually gained FOUR POUNDS. So I decided that I would limit myself to smarter choices as soon as we got back. A couple of those pounds turned out to be water weight, and were gone the day after I stopped eating so wild and drinking. I did pretty good the first day, and I did pretty good for lunch.

Dinner sucked because my mom's car got broken into this morning, and I had to take her to get food for dinner. McDonald's is what she wanted! You don't take a car full of four year olds to McDonald's and tell them they don't get a Happy Meal! And, while we're ordering, I might as well get my dinner, right? *laugh*

Anyway, tomorrow Michael and Matthew turn FOUR! I've been baking cookies all night for their school birthday party tomorrow. We had to taste them OF COURSE! Two each. At least they are sugar free. *sigh*

(Yummy though)
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