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Ok, I just about tossed my cookies. For some time now, on
rare occasions, in our spare bathroom (which isn't used often)
we would see a small brown bug. We always figured it had gotten
in from outside. I saw a few and decided to completely clear
out the bathroom and fumigate it to try to get rid of WHATEVER
they were.

Ok, here comes the gross part :)

Do you know those little bugs that live in flour? If you
leave a bag of flour around long enough, these bugs hatch.
It happens EVERY time unless you freeze the flour first
to kill them. Some time ago, we had gotten the dogs these
little bagel things to eat. They must have hidden one INSIDE
the bathroom counters. They used to spend time in there in
the evenings before we got them crate trained. Anyway, the
bagel is made with flour, and evidentally behind the counter
these bugs had been breeding. Every once in a while a brave
one would venture out, but not often enough for us to think
the bugs were originating there!!!

clean person, and we usually keep a cleaning service (prior to the
'one income family' thing). None of us ever even knew that space
was back there. I can also handle just about any kind of bug.
Cockroaches don't bother me (unless they are German cockroaches
and I hope to never see them in my home. There is just something
about those flour bugs...maybe it's the fact that their eggs
are ALWAYS in flour and that flour is used for cooking. *shiver*

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