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The conclusion

You have waiting long enough, and I finally have a few minutes to write this out, so without further ado...

A week or so ago, my dear hubby, Scott, asked me to take my birthday (a Friday) off from work. He wouldn't tell me why, but teased that we were going to spend the day antiquing in McKinney, TX. I knew that wasn't what we were going to do, but figured we would go spend the day together somewhere, maybe have dinner out, POSSIBLY even get a hotel room for the night.

Thursday night, April 7, Scott turned to me and said 'Go get packed for three days and two nights. Pack warm and bring a bathing suit'. He still wouldn't tell me where we were going, or even when. Friday morning, he got up early and showered. He told me to shower while he got the kids ready for school. I dropped them off and as soon as we got home, we were OFF!

We drove about 10 minutes, and he pulled into a new shopping/business complex (at the corner of Legacy and the Tollroad for you Dallasites). He drove slowly around, looking at the shops, and then turned a corner and pulled into the circle at the Courtyard Marriot. Were it not for the glint in his eye, I would have thought that was our destination.

After a good laugh (and a few swats by me) he drove on to the airport. I at least got an idea where we were going, because we couldn't check in without me realizing where our plane landed. We were stopping in Corpus Christi, TX, but that wasn't our final destination!!! We rented a car when we got there, and drove out to Padre Island (across the causeway for you smart-asses wondering how we 'drove' to an island). It's the biggest barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, 113 miles long. Scott had rented a condo on the beach, with an ocean-side view. We had a full kitchen, two bathrooms (no waiting!), living room, and balcony five floors above the beach. Once we dropped our stuff off, we went to the closest liquor store to stock up. Big bottle of vodka, orange juice, Cuervo Gold margaritas (750 ML worth), mudslides, a bottle of good champagne. I immediately started drinking - downing a couple of mudslides, then making a BIG margarita to take to the beach. That evening, we cleaned up and went to a four-star restaurant back in CC, where we ate GREAT food and drank a bottle of wine. (Starting to see a theme? Alcohol, beach)

We spent most of the day out on the beach, walking up and down, gathering shells for the kids, and were exhausted and asleep fairly early. The next morning, we got up early and started all over again. We ate breakfast at the Holiday Inn down the beach (HORRID!) because we realized we had a fridge full of alcohol and NO food! After that, the country store got our business as we packed a cooler with ham, cheese, bread, crackers, mayo, cokes, and a few other goodies. We packed a picnic lunch and went down towards Mustang Island and Port Aransas to spend a few hours on THAT beach. Didn't like it as much, so went back to our condo. It seems that you get beach permits there and everyone drives their cars on the beach. This amounts to a very hardpacked and dirty beach. It was much better in front of our condo, where only the ranger could drive and the sand was soft. Scott spent some time on the balcony reading and staying out of the sun, while I took a towel down to the beach. I just laid around, read, played with the sand, looked at the shells, walked by the water, and RELAXED. That night, we went to a local seafood 'shack' out on the water and ate way too much fried seafood, followed by ice cream as we walked around. We watched a little TV while drinking our champagne and talking. Another fairly early night because we drank too much, too early, and did too much....NOTHING. I realized that night I had personally already had 2/3 of a 750 ml filled with Cuervo margarita, 3 mudslides, 3/4 a bottle of wine, and 1/2 a bottle of champagne. Ouch. I don't generally do that. I also started to see a distinct...redness to parts of my body, despite SPF 30. Maybe I missed places. Who knows. Who cared, at that point!

Maybe I should take a minute to discuss our surroundings. The condos we stayed in appear to all be privately owned, but with a rental company onsite to manage the rental of people's condos when they aren't there. The couple who owned ours decided on a beach them and RAN with it. There was hardly an inch that wasn't overlooked, as you'll see in the pictures tonight. We even opened the CLOSET and found a huge coral in the corner. It went well beyond tacky and entered into the realm of kitch. I fell in love with a large clamshell lamp and MUST have one. The condo also had a great balcony, with two deck chairs and a table, where we spent quite a bit of time reading and watching people on the beanch. There were lots of seagulls and a group of about 10 brown pelicans that seemed to hang out right around our condo.

We got up pretty early again, and hit the beach one last time on Sunday. After showering, we packed up our stuff and checked out. Our flight didn't leave until after 5, but we needed to be checked out by noon. Time for some tourist traps! I went into a large coast souveneir shop and bought lots of shells for my jewelry, big shells for the boys and something for mom to thank her for watching our kids all weekend! After that came the 'Texas State Aquarium'. Bit of a disappointment, because we expected more. Between New Orleans and Dallas, we are used to more impressive places. You could see an aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Lexington, out behind the aquarium, so we toured it next. You got to wander all over this, out on the flight deck with Blue Angels, various other jets and prop planes back to World War II. I can't believe how large these ships are, the amount of emotion it stirs up to read accounts of the battles crew members were in, and see the living conditions. As it got closer to time for us to catch our plane, we did stop and get some inflatable planes for the boys. I knew they would like that.

The plane ride back was not much to talk about, and we ended up home about 8:30. We got to hug the kids, since they weren't asleep yet. The house immediately fell back into normal routine - I washed a load of laundry, did a load of dishes, swept the kitchen, cleaned off the table, picked up toys, and emptied the pails in the boys' bathroom. All before bed. But I was at ease, and completely stress free. I'm ready to take on the world again.

For those who don't know, Scott and I are tied to the Gulf Coast. Scott was born and raised along the Louisiana Gulf Coast, around New Orleans. We met for the first time, August 11 about 14 years ago, in Gulf Shores, AL - right on the beach. I soon moved down to New Orleans to be with him, and we got an apartment just a few blocks from the Mississippi coastline. I even worked right on the water in the casino. We got married in a state park overlooking the water on the MS Gulf Coast. For our honeymoon, we spent a week on the beach where we met. We'll probably retire to the Gulf Coast somewhere. It's our life.

I love my husband.

I have lots of pictures I need to resize, so tonight or tomorrow I should have a properly lj-cut post with a ton of great beach photos. Thanks for playing our game 'Where's Trish-E-Poo?'

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