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Bam! Yowza! Shapow!

I blame rememberingyou!

The boys and I have become quite addicted to ToonTown Online. They love to go fishing, hunt Cogs and play with their Doodle.

And yes, I play it after they go to bed *laugh*


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Apr. 6th, 2005 01:22 am (UTC)
OOPS.. now we have to trade secrets so we can be friends and I can come help you kick some Cog Butt! Im at 104 now and just hanging out killing toons.. not to eager to go back to the Cashbot HQ anytime soon. Doing it once was more then enough! Funny story.. when Noah uses the potty we do the cog dance. No one else gets it but hes halarious when he acts like hes blowing up!
( 1 thought — Whatcha' think? )