trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Why can't all days be like this?

Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day outside, so we took advantage of that fact. Scott took both boys with him grocery shopping this morning, and I decided to work in the garden.

My brother-in-law closed down his PO box without giving us a new address, so his Christmas present was returned to us. Part of it was a Lowe's gift card. Since we still don't have a new address for him, I took the card and used it for flowers :) Merry Christmas, Christian, you just bought flowers!

Since gardening is now a major issue with my back, I never know how many times I will feel up to getting out there. That made me decide to focus on only perennials. I got some flowering ground cover for under the tree in the front (Bronze Bugleweed, with some great purple flowers). My hope is it will spread out so I don't have to worry about the front yard anymore.

About five years ago, with our house fairly new, I wanted to make a garden of my own. I spent a LOT of time digging a 12 foot long and 5 foot deep garden along the back fence. The first year, it looked AWESOME!!!! Second year, I was pregnant *laugh*. I had our lawn guy put metal barriers around it to keep out the weeds, and to divide it into thirds. The only thing that survived from the first year, and is the pride of my garden, is some catmint. LOVE the smell and the purple flowers, but you have to watch because it will spread. I now vary what I plant in the middle part of the garden.

On either side of the garden today, I planted Forsythia bushes. They should grow quite tall (about 6') and have gorgeous yellow flowers. Inside the garden, I went with guardian blue delphinium along the back, then Gaura "Cherry Brandy" in the middle, and Sea Pink Thrift in the front. Maybe this will allow my garden some interest from year to year, and I can just add in annuals when I feel up to it.

I came in and showered, and the boys came out into the backyard with Scott and I. They brought lots of toys out and we must have spent about 3 hours out just playing ball, building with blocks, pulling weeds, and blowing bubbles. Michael and I both got a little bit of sun. (Side note - I've worked at Sun Microsystems so long I started to capitalize 'sun' when I wrote it). Michael now wants to play dodge ball, after Scott found out he could just sit in a chair and throw the ball after a running Michael, and Michael thought it was the best game EVER!

Boy, I hope the boys sleep well tonight after all of that running!!!

I can't wait to see my flowers and bushes grow!!!!!
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