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Rescue me from evil

What have I started? Today, my mother and I went 'garage saling' -
a mother / daughter bonding experience. I have avoided getting
any of the Rescue Heroes for Michael and Matthew because they
cost around $10 each, and if you get any of the other 'stuff'
that goes with them, it's $10 - $60 each. OUT of control. Well,
my mother found someone trying to unload a bunch of Rescue Heroes
stuff today. The boys are proud owners of a 2 1/2 foot rescue
control tower, which has many sounds, records and replays your
voice, and has a spinning elevator. They have eight rescue heroes,
one rescue dog and one rescue MONKEY. There are a variety of
backpacks for the figures which talk, light up, show videos, fly,
and other stuff. All of this takes three 1.5V batteries per
backpack. The kids haven't put these things down since they hit
the house about nine this morning.

Now you KNOW they are going to want more every time we go out!