trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

At least there is order

Every time the kids have a birthday, Christmas, or other 'gift giving' holiday, after they are in bed I got through their toy chests and throw toys in a bag. Sometimes MANY bags. I toss toys they haven't played with regularly, or those cheap kids meal toys, things that are too loud, or suck down too many batteries. Since their birthday is in two weeks, I just went through and did that again tonight.

Tonight I figured out that the toys they DO play with fall into some pretty distinct categories:

- Dinosaurs (Matthew)
- Cars (Michael)
- Rescue Heroes (Both)
- Building blocks / Legos / Duplo / Etc. (Matthew)
- Artsy Craftsy stuff / Markers / Paper / Scissors / Glue / Etc. (Michael)
- Books (Both)

Why do I buy anything else? At least this birthday the things we got are pretty in line with this. We didn't get many toys, although I bet my mom got them WAY more toys than I did. I got lots of clothes, a couple of BIG Rescue Heroes things I found at garage sales, and a couple of talking cars.

These boys are SPOILED!!!!!
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