trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

A case of the CLEP

I'm finding it hard to get motivated to study for the CLEP exams I need to take prior to graduation. I grabbed the Intro to Sociology book, which is so dry that I keep reading the first two chapters over and over without getting any farther. Tonight I took one of the sample tests just to see what I would do with no studying. You only need 50 to pass, and I got a 53.

I'm half tempted to just do a quick couple of readings of the book and take the test and pray to make more than 50.

It turns out that there are several areas where I lack half a credit here, three quarters of a credit there, etc. I have to take 11 hours worth of CLEP exams, which means four subject exams, or one major area exam and two subject exams. Each CLEP only costs $100 to take, and I can retake until I pass. When weighed against taking another course for $1400, I have some play area here.

Should I just get it over, or take the time to put my all into it? The final grade on the CLEP won't really matter, as long as I pass. (Note to self: Reverify that it is pass/fail instead of a grade)

Now is probably not the right time to decide. We're all coming down with something here, Scott just left for another week, and I'm broke until Thursday. I'm about to sell a bunch of stock to pay off most of my debt, so that's a bit of a bummer, but it does me more good paying off debt than just sitting there in stock losing money.

What an odd day. I'm not really sure HOW I feel today. One minute I'm up, one minute I'm down. I swing from depressed to annoyed to happy to accomplished to unmotivated. Blah.

Tomorrow begins my all-clear diet for some followup tests I'm due for. Before he left, Scott stocked me up (no pun intended) on chicken broth, diet Sprite and jello. No, I won't say what the tests are for, but pray for good results.
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