trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Happy Easter!

The boys were very excited to find Easter baskets at the table this morning when they went in for breakfast. They've played with the plastic eggs all day, along with the toys I put in there. I thought they had enough candy from school easter eggs hunts twice last week, so they each only got a pack of M-n-M's in their basket. My mom came by later in the day and gave the boys some coloring books, summer pajamas and T-shirts. Matthew LOVES his because it's glow in the dark dinosaurs (the t-shirt, that is).

For the rest of the day, we've just been sitting around playing, watching shows and Michael is now playing N64 while Matthew plays with Rescue Heroes.

Which reminds me - The GREATEST FIND! at a garage sale two weeks ago was put up for their birthdays in almost 3 weeks. I found a HUGE Rescue Heroes aircraft carrier for only $15. As much as they love their current RH stuff, this will be a big hit.

Finally, this comes from my Sheltie community and I thought it was so cute I had to share. Click on the image to view the other images and full post from littledevi and her Bonnie.

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