trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Shades of Neverland....Ranch, that is

Kids sometimes say things that really make you wonder where their head is...or what they've overheard.

Michael and Matthew go to a Baptist preschool. Even though we aren't particularly into organized religion, we think at this age it does more good than harm and it's nice to have them taught the 'good' side of religion - Love your neighbor, be good to people, God loves you, all of that jazz. The school doesn't push it too terribly hard, but every once in a while they surprise us with something. Anyway, that was totally unrelated, but just to give background on why Michael would be talking about Jesus.

Today, I was sitting next to Michael waiting on his computer to boot up and he looked at me and said 'If you roll a 1, you get to take Jesus' clothes off.'

Ummm. WHAT????

I asked what happened if you rolled a 2. His answer was that you got to take his pants off and put new ones on.

There has to be a story here, but I'll be damned if I can get it out of a 3 year old. It's probably very innocent, with his imagination making new rules. They must have played a game at school. But, dang, that's a really weird thing to say. *laugh*
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