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Introduction to Pepper

(EDIT: Dang it! Forgot to change it to the Sheltie community instead of my personal journal. Oh well - hope you guys enjoyed seeing my baby!)

I'm new to the community and wanted to introduce me and my wonderful pup, Pepper. Well, she isn't really a puppy anymore...she's five. :)

Five years ago, I got Pepper (Shadow's Sgt. Pepper) from a very reputable breeder and she has a champion bloodline. I got to meet three generations of her family. I figured that gave me a good idea what to expect for her. WRONG! Pepper is my little mutant baby, and at some point she just stopped growing. I mentioned to someone in the group earlier that she measured 9" at the shoulders and weighed 9 pounds. It had actually been a couple of years since I measured and weighed her, so I did it just before posting. She is a grand total of 10 1/2" at the shoulders, and weighs a whopping _11 POUNDS!_. I guess I need to watch the food there *laugh*

We are a 'family' of six - Mom, dad, three year old twin boys, Pepper, and a Cairn Terrier named Barqs.

She started out as a normal enough puppy

But now she's a 'big girl'

And the only thing you can tell that she has a Merle daddy is a single blue eye - the other one is brown.


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Mar. 24th, 2005 02:35 am (UTC)

I'll trade you for a Big Dumb Dog any day!!!
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