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In my mind, I am hearing that know the one, where Snoopy does his little happy dance? I'm doing that dance.

I didn't post anything last month about the outcome of my first trunk show, where I brought my jewelry to my Mothers of Multiples club meeting. After several hours there and talking with all of the people at the meeting, I was quite disappointed because the only thing I sold was a ring. That's right, lugged all of my stuff out to McKinney and I sold less than $10.

I had already committed to bring things back to the meeting this month. I wasn't looking forward to it because of the last meeting. I didn't think it was worth the effort, but I bit the bullet and decided that even if I sold ONE thing - that was something. So, I packed up my display cases, my suitcase of display items, sales book and everything else and headed to the meeting. I was actually in a good mood, and my hair makes me feel pretty damn perky. :) I set up my jewelry and started talking it up. The first part of the meeting seemed to be like the last, lots of looking, but no real interest. Finally, the damn seemed to break after the meeting.

It started with the sale of another ring. I thought 'Great! Another ring. Yippee!'. Not five minutes later, someone else bought a bracelet, and asked if I could find beads just like the ones I used (they are somewhat unique) to make a necklace or earrings to go with it. I promised to look into it and contact her. Another woman approached me and put in a custom order. She's a Buddhist and she wants me to get 14K gold findings, jade and gold beads, and to try to find a Thai Buddha pendant. She wants a necklace with the pendant, a bracelet, and earrings. Yowza. I looked around a bit for a Thai Buddha pendant and found a great one - only it's about $20. Way too much to make it worth my usual pricing, so I'll have to look for a cheaper alternative, or find out if she is willing to pay more. Anyway, at the very end, someone walked up and asked for another ring, and someone said they would write me this week about doing a mother's bracelet for her.

Only $30 or so in sales, but around $200 in commissions. Commissions don't always work out, but if even a couple of them do, it still makes it a good night.

Finally, to make things that much better, a visitor came up and introduced herself. She said she used to work selling Premier Jewelry, but had been out of it for a long time. In her garage, packed up in several boxes, are nice black jewelry display items, such as neck forms, bracelet racks, etc. and black velvet drapery. She offered to give it to me for next to nothing since it was just sitting there gathering dust. I'm SOOOO excited, because I hadn't bought display materials yet because they can be quite expensive. She also gave me some great tips on how to make the most of my jewelry display and make things really sparkle. It was really great advice, which I plan to make the most of.

Hmmm, I realize I also didn't give the results of my mom's MRI. It was the most positive of the possible causes. She is confirmed with microvascular disease, probably caused by high blood pressure or diabetes. Some of the small blood vessels in her brain were completely blocked. The doctor gave a really great explanation. As your blood is pumping harder and harder due to high blood pressure, the vessels are having to work more and more. They build up thicker walls as they 'strengthen' to support the flow. Eventually, the walls build up to the point the vessel gets blocked. He wants her to stay on the memory meds he put her on and work really hard to keep her blood pressure and diabetes under control. If she does that, it could prevent more vessels from becoming blocked.

I was VERY relieved to hear it wasn't stroke or Alzheimer's. Now we have a target for our battles. I also bought her for her birthday (coming up April 3) a really neat medicine alarm box. It stores a week's worth of medicine, you set the time you want the alarm to go off, and it gives a verbal, light and tonal warning when the alarm goes off. It then continues to alert for 30 seconds every 10 minutes for an hour, then goes down to 30 seconds every 15 minutes, until you hit the respond key showing you took your medicine. It's a really neat little tool that I hope will help her remember to take her medicine each night so these things stay under control.

She'll no doubt set it somewhere and forget where she put it :)
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