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Today I took the boys out and got Scott's birthday present. Some time back, one of his favorite things, his wine cooler/cellar, broke down. Everyone wanted $55 or more just to come and look at it, so I started looking at new ones. His old one was a closeout, with no warranty, but held like 65 bottles of wine. I finally found one today that holds 50 bottles that was on sale. It even came with a really nice wine opener :) I certainly hope he likes it because I shed BLOOD getting it for him. *laugh* I was pushing around one of those huge twin carts. The guy at Home Depot took the wine cooler down from a high shelf and then put it on a big flat push cart with a handle. Then, he left. So, I was pushing the kids in front of me, and pulling the big cart with a FRIDGE on it behind me. When I got to the front and was going to stop, the cart behind me rolled right over my foot. I asked for a bandaid, which one of the employees brought me.

Then they left me to push both carts over to the register to check out. Nobody asked if they could take one since I was limping around with two large carts. Nope. Say 'wow' for the customer service, but yay for the great sale on the wine cooler.

Now, if my husband was actually going to be around for his birthday. No, I'll see him a grand total of four days in the next couple of weeks. He came home last night, stumbled into bed and then left this morning. I miss the big galoot.

On a totally different note:

Hey - Derek, this one's for you:
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