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It's been a good day, which hopefully means the rest of the spring break will be worry free and exciting. The boys were good today, and actually took a good nap. They have both been dry all day and are using the potty regularly - in big boy underwear! We went to the park today when I was done working, and stayed for an hour. Several of the neighborhood moms I know were there so we got to talk while the kids played.

It was one of these moms that payed me one of the greatest compliments I believe I have ever had.

About a year and a half ago, maybe a little more, I got on a health kick and, going about things the old fashioned way of eating right and exercising, I lost a bit over 30 pounds during the year. Now, my back got bad last year, and with my surgeries and inactivity I gained 5-7 pounds back. Regardless, my eating habits changed fundamentally, and I maintain my weight with only a few pounds of fluctuation. I don't diet. If I want desert, I have it. I eat whatever I want. But, I drink only diet drinks, on meals that aren't special I will usually have a Lean Cuisine pizza or something, and I've become better at noticing the changes in my body based on what I eat.

This mom was talking about how she had to go to the gym after they left. She's lost about 19 pounds in the last 6 months. She looked at me and said "It's because of you, you know?". I was confused, because we only see each other maybe once a month and aren't really THAT close. She explained that she saw me the New Year's before last and saw how much weight I had lost, even with my bad back (which she shares), and she thought about that and it made her want to get in better shape. She said she uses it as motivation. You see people on TV, she said, and their weight loss isn't REAL to you, but to see someone who lives a block from you and you know pretty well lose weight like that, and be able to keep it off, it made her see she could do the same.

I think that made my day. Maybe my week.
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