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Cinco de Mayo

What a weird day. Why can't it be Friday already?

As many of you know, my husband has been out of work for many many months.
He's doing some interviews, but has an opportunity for a three month contract
in D.C. He could come home about one weekend a month. It tears me in two! On
the one hand, we really need the money and the time apart wouldn't hurt us one
bit since we've been working out of the house together, and therefore have been
together 24 HOURS A DAY for about three years now! Not good for a relationship.
I think it will renew our passion for one another - along the lines of 'How can
I miss you if you won't go away?' :)

On the other hand - I don't much care for the idea of
supporting this house, my job, my school, the bills,
our network, my medical issues, and two three year olds
all by myself.

I really hope he gets another job offer before he has
to make a decision next week. I'll push him to take this
contract if the alternative is to continue being out of
work, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! *laugh*

Oh - I tried to send a 'Happy Birthday, Bre' - but I
couldn't post a response. Therefore, I'll use a much
more public forum.

Happy Birthday!!!

I'll do a little Texas Two-Step in your honor.
Well, I really don't do country, so I won't, but
I certainly will hoist a drink in your honor.
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