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My really big monster monitor died today in flaming electronic smoke. I don't know what happened, as it was only about 2 years old. Monday we noticed that occasionally the screen would....shimmy. All day today, there has been this building electronic burning smell, and the screen would collapse down for just a second. I honestly thought the burning smell was coming from the heating pad on my back, because they weren't designed to be used 4 hours a day, every day, for a couple of months. :) Anyway, the monitor finally just sizzled out. I was really, really bummed about it, mainly because I only had a couple of hundred bucks saved up and I was planning on using that for Scott's birthday. Scott had gotten me a new printer, really nice HP one, just a week or so ago.

I loved this old monitor. It was HUGE and took up my whole desk, but it was a 22" CRT with the most awesome resolution that was available at the time. My company actually paid for it, because I never could have afforded it. However, they would NOT be able to replace it right now and would probably tell me to just use my laptop.

So, Scott suddenly threw shoes on the kids and said we were going to Fry's. For my birthday, which is April 8, it seems I am now the proud owner of a Sharp 19" flat panel LCD. *ahem* It rocks! You could sit about five of these in the space of my old monitor. I can't wait to clean off my desk and actually have someplace to write.

I'm sitting on the futon in my office while Scott clears out all of the 'extra' cables that were behind my desk. See, I have this problem that for about 4 or 5 years now, if I get rid of equipment I unplug it at the back of the system, not at the wall, in order to avoid climbing under everything. I also have all of this equipment I never use, such as a second scanner (guess it's a third since the new printer also has a flatbed scanner) and a Palm docking station. Getting rid of all of that ought to make my office look SO much nicer.

EDIT: Here I thought this day really sucked with my monitor dying and my mother's diagnosis.

(Thanks, Gene-Bob, for pointing out the pathetic sentence structure below that made it sound like my MOM had died!!!:

Here I thought this day REALLY sucked after my mom and then my monitor dying.
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