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Inane ramblings - mother, school, and more

We finally have an appointment with a neurologist for my mother. On Wednesday, we should start her evaluations for her memory 'issues'. She has spent the last year avoiding the issue, making excuses and just being generally the passive-aggressive person she is so good at being. Every time she would complain about her memory, I would remind her that I was willing to make an appointment with a doctor and go with her to get things checked out. Each attempt was met with 'I'm just waiting until WHATEVER is over'.

Finally, the other day, she told me that she can't even read anymore. She can't remember what she read in the paragraph before, so she's just given up reading. She can't get through a page most of the time and retain what she read. Around here she also leaves things open on the counter, leaves out dirty diapers on the changing table, or forgets to put food back in the fridge. She forgot to pay her phone bill and it got cut off. We gave her a cell phone which is on Scott's account, so she doesn't have to worry about that anymore and will always have a phone with her. That is, if she can figure out how to use it. I set it up where she could press 1 and get her voice mail, press 2 to call me and press 3 to call my cell phone. Doesn't always work out. She can't figure out the phone. I guess it's too much technology for her :) If the phone rings, she just calls me to see if it was me. She hasn't gotten the call log concept yet.

Anyway, she finally told me to go ahead and make the appointment, so we're going to go on Wednesday.

In a way, this really sucks. Ok, in ALL ways this really sucks, but it is especially a problem right now. Scott will be going to Hawaii for work for a week pretty soon. He wanted me to go with him since he had enough frequent flier miles for my ticket, the company would be paying for the hotel, and we would just have to worry about food. He would be working during the day, so I would just have to lay around on the beach all day. AWESOME! But, we don't really trust leaving my mom alone with the kids anymore, for more than a couple of hours. Especially where we aren't within an hour's drive of her. Bummer.

Scott will be gone starting Saturday for five days, so we did a lot of our running around this weekend. We took the boys out and got them measured for shoes. Surprise! Even though Michael is still an inch or more taller than Matthew, Matthew's feet have outpaced Michael. Michael is in size 11 and Matthew is 11 1/2. They both picked out the same shoes, which are really cool Shark Tales ones, with elastic so they just slip on. They also got a pair of sneakers, with Matthew choosing Shark Tales and Michael choosing SpiderMan. God bless you, PayLess and your BOGO sale!

Yesterday, I gave in and got them professional haircuts. I usually do them myself, but it turns out pretty crappy. As quick as their hair grows, I feel like I'm always doing it and I don't worry too much about messing up. It just grows back out. Anyway, I took them in to Cool Cuts 4 Kids and got them really short haircuts. I need to take pictures and post them. It's so cute. They aren't quite buzz cuts, but are short enough that with a little gel we can spike them. They look so much older. *sigh*

Scott's birthday is in two weeks. We've talked and I think I'm just going to get him a new wine chiller. I found a 20 bottle one for less than $200. It's not near as nice as the one he found on closeout. The one he had, which is broken broken broken, holds about 60 bottles. I think I'm going to call around and see how much people would charge to come look at it. Maybe it can be fixed. I certainly hope so, because we don't have the cash we used to.

I'm in my final class at school before graduation. I still have a couple of CLEP exams, but I am basically two weeks away from being done with classes. However, this instructor is a bear. Thankfully, I'm not afraid to challenge authority. I was very surprised when the two papers I turned in last week got a 90 and an 85. 85???? No way, buddy. It was not a B paper. Economics already screwed up my 4.0, so all I have right now is a 3.98 GPA. I'm not going to let this guy screw things up. Only _I_ can do that. :) When we questioned our grades, he said he had a policy where your grade was decreased by the number of words you were over on word count through some complex formula. So, the points I lost were because I was about 100 words over on word count. Past instructors at the university have said that word counts are a guideline, and that you should not sacrifice the quality of your paper to hit a word count. When I publicly questioned the instructor, asking where that policy was written for us to have known about it, he said it was his fault and it wasn't posted anywhere. He finally agreed to give us our points back for last week's papers and we'll know better from now on when it comes to word counts.

By God, I'm graduating with no less than a 3.98 if it kills me. And it just might.
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