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Treading water

We are slowly recovering from whatever nasty bug took over our house. Michael still has a little bit of a cough, I'm fighting off my sinus infection, and Scott still has a little bit hanging on. Outside of those last kicks and whimpers, we are on our way back to normal.

I got a great surprise two days ago, though. I got a VERY VERY early Mother's Day present, just because I needed it so bad. My all-in-one printer went out about 5 months ago. I'll never buy another Brother product. They are cheap, and cheap for a reason. That was our third one. Anyway, Scott and the boys had gone out for a few minutes and they walked back in with a brand spanking new HP Officejet 6210 All-in-one. This thing is awesome. I'm back in business, and just in time for a school project that required me to print out lots of notes to mark up.

I haven't picked up a single bead in several days. Being sick just took it out of me. I have been reading and thinking up lots of designs, however, so I guess I will pick things back up next week. Scott leaves for the middle part of the week, home Friday, then has to leave Saturday for three more days. Gives me plenty of time for beadwork.

I'm so glad it's Friday. Damn glad. It was a rough day at work today - too involved to actually write out here. Just a bunch of conflicting charters across organizations that are starting to clash. Next week should prove to be interesting.
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