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What in the heck?

What goes through the mind of a three year old?

Michael is asleep, so Matthew is sitting at the kitchen table playing by himself. I keep hearing snippets of his running conversation with himself.

"Tony Hawk! You're upside down!" (How does he know who Tony Hawk is??)

"Only Diet Coke. Small ones. Big ones. Middle ones"

"He's nice"

"Great Job!"

Ok, sometimes he really cracks me up. Does anyone remember the commercial, can't remember what for, but the young girl is in her room bored (obviously because of the lack of a specific product) and she picks up her cat and starts singing to it? Something to the tune of 'I love Mr. Whiskers! He is my friend!"

Matthew sings songs like this to his stuffed animals. He twirls around holding them out in front of him and singing "I love my kitty (or dog, or koala, or whatever took his fancy)! He is my best friend! My kitty loves me! He is the nicest kitty!"

Anyway, it's been sickville around here the last couple of days. Sunday night Michael went downhill quickly with some sort of upper respiratory infection, which turned into croup by the next night. I spent most of Sunday night laying in bed with him, so guess what? That's right. I feel like absolute shit with an upper respiratory infection myself now. Matthew, AMAZINGLY, seems to have skipped this one despite a very weak immune system in the area of pneumococcal infections (of which a URI is one). I guess that recent PPV shot gave him a temporary immunity. YAY MATTHEW! Doesn't make Michael and I feel any better though. Michael is feeling much better, and will go back to school tomorrow. I hope to feel much better tomorrow (I PRAY) because tomorrow night is my first live show for my jewelry. I'm having a table at our mothers of multiples club, and I would hate to cough through it and be a basic sour puss.

Pizza should be here any minute. Scott is out of town YET AGAIN and won't be back until late Friday.
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