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So Scott is gone again for work. They couldn't get a flight back tonight, so he won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. He's been home once this week, but at least it was good timing. I had an 8 am conference call and I wouldn't have been able to make it if I hadn't had him to get the kids ready for school.

Speaking of school - they are out on Monday. Some sort of 'Teacher's Day'. Do what? February 14? They couldn't have been out NEXT Monday, on President's day when I am actually off work to watch them? No. That would make SENSE. :) However, it does mean they'll be in school while I'm off next Monday, so I'll get some 'me' time. Maybe Scott will actually be here and I can sleep in while he gets the kids to school!

I talked with the program coordinator for our mothers of multiples club, and she actually offered for me to have a table with my jewelry at BOTH the February and March meetings. YAY! More exposure, more chances to sell! I completed a catalog yesterday. It's only one, in a hardcover binder, with full-age photo quality prints of each piece, along with pricing, description and materials. Very similar to the product pages on the web site. It's something I can have on the table for people to look through and also see some of the pieces I've already sold. Outside of that, I think I have everything ready to do 'live' sales. I have a receipt book, a couple of free-standing mirros, a measuring tape (to figure out wrist sizes), a tablecloth, display boxes, signage, business card holder, and things like that. Bring 'em on. I'm ready. :) Now, we'll see if anything actually sells.

I'm in a weird position. Before I started doing jewelry, I had promised to host a Premier Jewelry party. I had to cancel the show at the last minute because of medical things with Matthew (it was the week he got put in the hospital). Now, I am trying to reschedule with the rep, but how weird is it to ask your friends to come to your house, to see jewelry and possibly buy some, when they know you sell your own jewelry? Will the rep find out and think I am competition? It's very odd, but I really would like a night in drinking with the girls, so I may as well go ahead with it. It was a prior committment.

Today starts my last class before graduation. I still have a couple of tests to take, but I'm getting so close I can taste it. This class had me worried, because it is supposed to 'wrap up our learning' and I thought that might mean having to do some sort of comprehensive business plan to show we learned something in all of these classes. Instead, it turns out to be some sort of ethics and responsibility class. Use your knowledge for good, Young Person! What a way to go out with a whimper.

Another Friday night, another drive-through meal. What an exciting life. I have to finish up a mother's bracelet for a friend tonight, that was bought as a surprise for her, and to do some design work for georgiaskydiver. I'm looking forward to it. Meant to do it last night, but it was just ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS! I kept shoving slivers of metal into my fingers and had to redo a bracelet THREE TIMES before I finally realized I was better putting it up until tonight :) Some nights just don't work.

Instead I watched soft-porn, err, I mean 'The Apprentice'. Did anyone else catch this? Exactly what was the team thinking that Dove would actually want to see two guys go off together to take a shower while a woman is left alone in the kitchen with a CUCUMBER? Not very smart advertising. Kudos for actually trying to have some diversity in the commercial, but BAD PLANNING to make it flow like cheap porn.
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