trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Sunday update

Lethe, Dave, Willem and our family went out Sunday morning for Dim Sum. VERY yummy, and we ate way too much. The kids were all really well-behaved and ate lots as well. Unfortunately, it was our last meal together as they had to head back to Austin. The weather wasn't the best, very rainy and dreary, so their trip back was probably much slower than the ride up. We'll definately miss having them here. I've noticed a strange thing about Lethe and her family. I don't know if they feel the same way, but every time I'm around them, it's almost like a long-lost sister, but when you are together it's like no time has passed. There doesn't seem to be that discomfort and stiffness, and we all have a pretty good time.

After they left, around 1:00, we started frantically getting ready for our Super Bowl party which started at 4:30. We went the lazy route and instead of making food, we got it catered. We had beef and chicken fajitas, which were a big hit. Everyone else brought some sort of appetizer or desert, so it all worked out well. Scott made drinks for everyone, and there were PLENTY of those. Had a couple of bullfrogs, myself *laugh*. They had the game on upstairs on the 65" HDTV, and I had it on downstairs on the 61" regular TV. I stayed downstairs to watch the kids, as we had SIX of them, all 2-5 years old. Throughout the night, there was usually at least one person downstairs with me, so it wasn't so bad. I had a great time.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the halftime show! For those that don't know me very well, I have this Beatles....problem. My office is filled with Beatles posters, records, figures, cars, books, CDs, etc. There is even a gold record and signed limited edition cover art from Sgt. Pepper's. My DOG is even named Sgt. Pepper, for goodness sake! Having Paul McCartney do the halftime show was the highlight of the night. I danced with the kids, sang loudly (glad everyone else was upstairs) and wished I had recorded it.

Oh, there was one more highlight. Colleen has worn a small hairpiece at the back of her hair to make it look like she had a bit longer hair, just pulled back in a clip. Matched her hair PERFECTLY and looked great. Well, I mentioned that I had one, which Scott refers to as my 'Trailer Trash Hair'. It is a clip to go high up on the back of my head, which is really long hair from there. It falls kind of like 'I Dream of Jeannie' :) Colleen put it on and was pretending to be a dancer in front of the guys upstairs (long story) and we ended up with pictures of all of the guys (except Scott - how did he get out of this one) with the long hair on their heads. I'll have to get the pics off my camera soon and post. Absolutely the funniest!
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