trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Fast Food can be your friend

Wendy's is now my favorite fast food restaraunt. All of them are making attempts at being 'healthier', but they seem to have hit the nail on the head. I'm a busy girl. No denying it. Because of that, I end up at fast food restaraunts a LOT. I mean, usually once a day. I know it's really hard to stay healthy when you eat like that.

Wendy's has been doing somewhat good with the kids meals, that you can get oranges and either apple juice or milk with it.

Today, I went for lunch and was amazed that I was able to get a baked potato and their new fruit bowl. It's a large bowl of fresh fruit, with yogurt for dipping. It was great. I don't feel the icky, bloated thing that usually follows eating fast food, and I was able to eat quickly in between conference calls. This will make my LIFE! I hope they keep adding healthier options!

Good job, Wendy's.
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