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God, it HURTS!!!

Not a very wise decision on my part tonight. Enjoyed it at the time, but am regretting it now.

We went to Boca tonight and had lots of yummy food - just myself, Scott and the kids. We split one of their big garlic parmesan breads, had a bucket full of mussels marinara, followed by a family size portion of shrimp linguini with pesto.

This was NOT what the kids wanted for dinner, although they ate a LOT of it. They had been asking for smiley face pancakes from IHOP. We told them that if they were good through dinner, that they could pick out a movie at Worst Buy and we would get the pancakes on the way home.

Well, I thought I would pick up desert for us as well. If you look at the picture of the new fruit pocket pancakes, they always show TWO. No dice. I open it up and there were FOUR! They were huge. I got them filled with strawberries and bananas, and they were soooooooo yummy. With a little help from Scott I got through three of them.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

I am ready to explode, and too much sugar. Why, oh why, do I do this?