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I'm exhausted, but pumped. Today was a very busy day. I feel incredible accomplished. Scott left today for a two day trip, so I always feel good when things go smoothly alone. Here's what my day looked like:

- Took the kids to school
- Had three one-hour conference calls
- Got the general design template completed, along with the graphics, for my new BeaDistinct web site (should roll out in a couple of days)
- Picked the kids up from school
- Ran to the pharmacy to get yet MORE antibiotics and steroids for Matthew
- Researched and wrote a 4 page paper for school on the differences between B2B and B2C sites with regards to the supply chain *yawn*
- Wrote a two page article review on supply chain integration for school
- Proofread our 6 page weekly team paper for school
- Cut both Michael and Matthew's hair
- Bathed both of the dogs
- Put Michael and Matthew to bed, complete with stories and lots of snuggling

Now, I think I might snuggle in with my sweet smelling puppies to watch American Idol.

God, it feels good to be Superwoman sometimes. It evens out the times when I completely collapse.

ONE more class and two CLEP exams and I have my business degree. Hot damn.
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