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Ok, my vision is blurred, my back hurts and my hands are cramping up. I call this FUN? :)

I got it into my head to try to make a beaded wine bottle cover tonight. I didn't finish, of course. I had to make 138 little s connectors out of wire, with a bead in the middle.


Yes, let's see...138 times clipping out an inch of 26 gauge wire. Winding one side around my pliers, slipping a bead on, then winding the other end.


From here on out, it's NOTHING! *laugh* I don't think this would be a product I could offer. Too much labor involved. Unless, of course, you can buy those little s hooks already made that you could somehow still slip a bead on. I don't know. I'm still new at this.

On the brighter side, I got lots done last night. I came up with two new pairs of earrings, a really cool link necklace using the new squash swarovski beads, and another new bookmark. Now to get them scanned and on the web site.

That will have to wait. I have a paper due in two days, got to finish up our team project. Oh yeah, and my REAL JOB. Did I mention how much I really enjoyed my two week vacation over Christmas when I had no work, no school and only had to worry about the kids?

Bed calling now. Must answer.
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