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The good

Today I was driving around, blasting tunes on my iPod in the car, when I started trying to think of moments in my life where I was truly happy. Just those snapshots of memories that can always make you smile. My mind was also doing pretty good today, and I was able to remember full names of people and locations for events. So I thought it would be good to write down all of those moments, at least all of the ones that come to mind, so that I can review them whenever I'm down. They also might provide some insight into what makes me tick :)

This is a long one. I have to remind myself I've had a good life.

- Jess Fandre and I were in her house on Monte Sano when it started a cool summer shower. Jess' mom put us both in sundresses and we ran around barefoot outside in the rain. We had to have been 17.

- Sledding down suicide hill on those rare occasions when it snows in Huntsville

- Tina and I used to grab big garbage bags, when we were about 12 or 13, and go slide on the moss in the ditches near our house.

- Learning to drive a stick in the fields behind Chapman in Joey's yellow Honda CVCC

- Taking my driving test in Tim Johnson's tricked out (yet still primer grey) Cobra, and getting passed even though I squealed the tires a couple of times taking off.

- Nancy and I cruising around in her blue and silver Shelby, and taking it down to Florida for Spring Break. We took a CB radio with us a flirted with truckers, until one found us and mooned us. We took pictures. :)

- Steve Gladden offering to drive me and my date to a school dance. We then hung out all night being silly over at Joesky-Love's.

- Val Fletcher, Angel, myself and a few others going to Birmingham to see Oreo play *laugh* and me stealing the hotel shower curtain because I thought it would be funny to take to college. It had printed across it 'Spend a night, not a fortune'.

- Hiking along the trails on Monte Sano and taking pictures around the rubble of old buildings.

- Going to the Olive Garden with Allen Inman on our only real 'date' and eating lots of salad and breadsticks.

- Hot tub parties over at Trevor's

- At Auburn, sitting between classes on a brick wall near the stairwell in the art building, studying for art history tests.

- Going almost an entire year at Auburn with no shoes on.

- Going to the steak house owned by one of our regular high-roller craps players, which everyone knew was a front for him being a bookmaker, so that we could repay his generosity. Four of us went, ate and drank hundreds of dollars of food. When we tried to pay, we were told 'Mr. Izzy took care of you'.

- Going out in New Orleans with Maria Curtis and Syrup Monster (Pat) when they came down to visit. Dancing at some of the gay bars (to try to find someone for Pat) until we couldn't walk straight.

- The mustard yellow leather jacket I used to have that I picked up at Goodwill.

- Terrorizing Tina after we saw the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie. She was scared and I was spending the night. Her grandfather and I stuck knives in the fingers of an old work glove and stuck it in the fireplace for her to find.

- Hanging out in downtown Huntsville, in the park and near the garage (there are many memories associated here. too many to list individually)

- Me driving Thomas Gibson's car as he surfed his skateboard off the back using a rope.

- When Michael and Matthew were born, Scott leaned his head over mine and, with tears in his eyes, said 'They are so beautiful. I love you so much!'

- New Year's eve 2003 to 2004, next door. LATE at night (or was it morning?) Brett saying we needed to get in a hot tub, which we didn't have, so he drew hot water into Colleen's bathtub. Angela and I ended up sitting together in her tub while everyone else sat around and drank more.

- In college, seriously dancing to Justify My Love with Shawnzie and Shannon.

- OH! Brent and I...ahem....chemically altered one evening when I lived in Tamarac apartments in Auburn. They had a heated indoor pool, which we swam in and watched the lights in the water. After a while, we went into one of the changing rooms, where there was one of those big wall heaters. We brought in chairs, turned all of the showers on hot as could be and turned on the wall heater. Soon we were in a white mist, with an orange glow from the heater. I just remember it being EXTREMELY peaceful.

- There was a short time when Joe and Dougo's house didn't have any electricity. We sat around most evenings with candles but had the greatest time just talking.

- Going out in the Gulf of Mexico to some of the barrier islands on Kenny's boat, with Scott and some others. We spent the fourth of July on Deer island, and Scott, Kenny and the other guys took ALL of the fireworks, put them in the sand, poured Coleman fuel on it, lit it and ran. They went EVERY which way. Paige and I had thought we were far enough away, but we ended up having to run and falling down in the sand laughing.

- Going to see Les Miserables for the first time in Atlanta

- SuSu and I making up cartoon characters in response to hearing 'War Damn Eagle' too many times. We each made shirts with 'Karl the Stick Figure Cow' saying 'Make Milk, Not War' and each had a large tag at the bottom that said 'Moo Damn Cow'. I still have my sweatshirt, although faded.

- Zeke, Kirk and I riding around singing 'Those are People Who Died' by the Jim Carroll the top of our lungs.

- Running around my grandmother's yard in Chattanooga, climbing on the stone walls and smelling the roses.

- The weekend I met Scott, playing asassin with water pistols. Leaving the safe zone after a refill, we hugged. He didn't know I was watching the time over his back to see when the five minute grace period had passed. I shot him in the back of the head. Ah, young love!

- Going to see They Might be Giants for the first time with Mikey at the Gypsy Tea Room.

- Going to see the Violent Femmes for the first time in YEARS, with Heather at Tippitina's in New Orleans. (See, I had been scarred at a frat party many years prior by standing too close to Gordan during 'Country Death Song' *laugh*)

- Working at Texican Taco. God, the drama!

- The weekend Scott won $11,000 in Vegas, and we ended up taking a limo to a suite in Ceasars.

- Anytime there is true beaty in nature - walking through Muir woods in California early in the morning, seeing rays of light come through the clouds after a storm, things like that.

- The night Scott proposed to me. He took me to Glamour Shots, then to Vrazel's for dinner. 'What is WRONG with our waitress? She keeps SMILING at me!"

- Every time I watch Repo Man - and spewing random quotes from it. "These things happen sometimes. People just explode. Natural Causes."

- Chris Ganow(?SP?), Mark Brockman and Gary Dezenbergh kidnapping me and taking me to see the Doobie Brothers SOMEWHERE in TN. It was in a nice ampitheater, and we rolled down the grass hill after the concert.

I'm sure I'll think of more as time passes, and I'll post them. But this is a good start and I'm feeling really good while thinking of these things!!!

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