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Night safari at the Winspear Opera House

Earlier tonight I went on my 'Night safari' with Barbara Berry from Legacy Studios. We were all set up outside of the Winspear Opera House in downtown Dallas. I actually learned a lot about night photography! I also ended up shooting COMPLETELY manual, even focusing, when my auto-focus went out on about the third shot. *sigh* Through adversity, we learn.

Our challenge was to keep our cameras set to ISO 100 and take care of lighting conditions with the aperture and exposure. Thankfully, I have a decent tripod and a remote shutter release. It let me experiment with my settings and still be able to get in a good amount of light.

Getting more secure with shooting full manual is just going to come down to practice and more practice. That means you should see a LOT more photos posted here.

What do I want from you? Constructive criticism! Is the exposure too dark? Would it have worked better if I had changed the focus somewhere else? Did it just. not. work? I would really appreciate the feedback.

My favorite shot from tonight is of the front of the Opera House, duplicated in the reflecting pool:

The reflecting pool before the sun went down:

The skyline around the Winspear:

More shots outside the theater:

My first attempt at panning to show motion. I didn't get the focus right on the car, and I have a LOT of shots of really blurry cars, but I think this one came out decent and gives me something to work towards:

I also wanted to look at the differences between higher and lower f-stops, since I knew that with higher f-stops light will give starbursts.

Now I think that it is BEDTIME for me, for sure! :)

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