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Major pain in the ass

I have a major pain in my ass. No. Really! I have a pain in my ass!

My tailbone began the day on fire. Thank you arthritis and weather going from 80s to 30s back to 80s all within a single week!!!! I went to physical therapy and it only got worse. By mid-afternoon the pain was radiating down into my buttock and into my leg. My butt is hurting really, really bad.

I've taken lots of Lortab and it hasn't helped at all. FUCK!!!!!!


Mar. 3rd, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
This is gonna be a crappy week for that. Ugh.

Lots of restful thoughts and less-painful positions to do things from your way. (I have been embroidering lying half-reclined on the bed with my right knee up. It looks crazy but it's keeping my sinuses draining and my knee brace in the drawer.)