trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What a winner this weekend was

Outside of the whole flu postponement of Valentine's Day until next week, it has been a somewhat good weekend.

- I have been productive with my start on privately journaling my symptoms, feelings, obstacles and disease progression across many fronts. This should help me with disability paperwork so I'll have in writing what I will need to get from who.

- I took the trash out. This IS an accomplishment.

- Talk about the softest product launch EVER - they released the wireless drum kit for Guitar Hero: World Tour this weekend. Nobody knew it was coming, it wasn't on their web site and nobody had it listed in their Sunday circulars. I went in Best Buy to get a CD (yes, they still sell those) and BOOM! There it was! The thing I had been lusting for but had been told it may be May or later before I could have some without spending almost $200 on the full band kit. All we are missing is the drum kit! NOT ANYMORE!!!! I spent a little while tonight working with them and DANG they are hard! Much harder than the guitar IMHO, but maybe that is because I've tried to play guitar off and on for many years. I've never played the drums.

- Tomorrow is my One Stroke Painting 201 class so that ought to be interesting. During open house on Saturday, I got five people signed up for my classes. Mostly painting and jewelry. It was well worth the trip out there no matter how crappy I felt.

- I also got my 'official' "CRANIAL HAIR PROSTHESIS" *ahemwigcouth* at a great place in Lewisville. They work with lots of patients going through chemo or who are losing their hair due to other medications, like I am. We went a bit longer, and a much more natural looking scalp. Pretty much the same color. He set in some styling, trimmed me up some bangs and we're going to wait for a while until I figure out how much bulk I was thinned out of it. I may just leave it as it!

- I installed my SLAH Trellis Wall organizer in the bathroom FINALLY! It got so many of those bottles off the counter and freed up space. I wonder if I could talk Scott into using one on his side of the side. I bet he would love having all of it up there where only he touches it.

Ok, it is nighty time. I'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard.

Take care folks. The last three lines have been types with my eyes full closed. Touch typing was well worth learning as a young teenager. :)

Take care all and we'll see you tomorrow.
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