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Hi. It's me.

I'm still around. I've mostly been making private posts to try to work through medical stuff in my head. I am writing things to myself to try to build a full picture of my health, doctors, tests, etc. Nothing anyone should see but myself.

I did have a high point today! Michael and Matthew got Valentine's Day cards from their Godbrother, but MINE WAS BIGGER!!! I actually danced in the house making jokes with the boys about how much cooler my card was than theirs. It pays to be the GodMomma :) My card had to be a foot wide and two feet tall. I LOVE IT! *Smooches to the LG*

Ok, going to bed now. I spent too much time typing out stuff tonight. I made two posts in my private journal that must be 3-4 pages long.



Feb. 16th, 2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
I forgot to add that the LG went to the post office and did a big boy transaction. He proudly presented his cards and paid for the extra postage (with mama's money). He thought that was soooo cool!