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The bad

I have a large amount of good-feeling stuff to post, but I also have some rather negative stuff to post. I've decided to break them up into two separate posts so I could go back and review the things that make me feel good without being reminded of the sad things.

This morning (WAAAAYYYY too early) I went with Matthew for a sedated CT scan to recheck his sinuses following his August surgeries. Thankfully, they didn't have to do full sedation. Once they gave him enough versed, he was willing to lay still for the CT scan.

This afternoon, I had to go back to the hospital to drop off some other test specimens of his for a doctor that shares an office with his ENT, who ordered the CT scan. I thought I would check to see if they had the radiologist's report yet. Sadly, they did.

Keep in mind, we know there are certain things we know he gets very easily because of his immune system issues. His immunologist has had him on antibiotics for the last couple of months to try to keep him from getting any infections.

Prior to the sinus surgeries, Matthew's sinuses were all 50-75% opaque with infection. They opened up the pathways between the sinus cavities to promote easier drainage, and also cleared out all of the diseased STUFF that was in there. They have compared today's films with those taken just before the surgery.

THEY ARE WORSE. Many of the sinus cavities have 100% opacity. On top of that, they show signs of otomastoiditis in the middle ear. So he has TWO types of infection, one of which is about as serious as it gets. We're trying to figure out his immunity problems, work on his reflux, and now this.

He's three. Can't we get a fucking break? At all?
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