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Did I miss a recall notice?

I must have missed when they sent out the recall notice for my body.

I went to the rheumatologist today to get the results from my tests. Now, we know that I have APS (auto-immune disease that causes clots) and osteoarthritis/degenerative disk disease in my spine. I couldn't have guessed the rest. Not in a million years.

- Along with my osteoarthritis, I also have psoriatic and sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis. I didn't even realize that what was happening on my knees, elbows and feet was psoriasis! I thought it was just REALLY dry skin. So, three types of arthritis. Just like dear old Mom. Great.

- The worst place the arthritis is located is my neck. The cervical vertabrae are the reason for my terrible headaches, vision issues, jaw clenching, etc. I have it in my neck, lower spine/sacrum, both big toes, a little in my hands, and a RIB???? I didn't even know you could have arthritis in your rib cage, but he says I must have had an injury there at some point.

- I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency. That means my body hasn't been absorbing Calcium. You guessed it! I'm in full blown osteoporosis.

This leaves me with a few new prescriptions. For the next six months, I have to take mega doses of Vitamin D once a week. We're talking about 50000 units. WOW. We hope that makes me start absorbing calcium again. I also have to take Fosomax once a week. I have Celebrex for my arthritis inflammation. Now, I'm not supposed to take NSAIDS of any kind with my blood thinners. I'll have to have my INR (time to clot) checked every 2 days and adjust my Coumadin and hope we eventually get the two stable together.

The severe fatigue? He hopes that regulating the other factors will help that. Meanwhile - just cope.

Today is a bitch about it day. Not happy. Back to your previously scheduled happiness.


May. 14th, 2009 08:05 am (UTC)
Random Noter here, but I can totally relate to the arthritis in your neck. Been dealing with it for two years now, and all I can say is Ugh!

Found your journal through a BRCA search. Going through that, now.